August 4, 2010 Kenneth Chatham

The SkyRadar was phenomenal!!! You are brilliant! We are glad that we did not face the bad weather coming home that we ran into on the way to Oshkosh, but felt that we were better equipped for it. It was GREAT being able to see the wind direction right on the map and also to be able to touch a nearby weather reporting station for the weather update. It was also great to pan ahead to our home airport to check the home weather report while we were still hours away. In that way, we were able to check to see if we were going to need the IFR approach plates! They were great, also! Being able to enlarge parts of them (i.e. radio frequencies, step downs, etc.) so they were large and clearly visible were extremely helpful! The IPad stood right up on top of the glare shield between the vertical card compass and the regular compass without obstructing our view.