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SkyRadar-DX Dual Band Receiver with built-in AHRS
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Key features:


  • SkyRadar-DX’s operating frequencies are 978MHz and 1090 MHz and the latter conforms to DO-260 standard.
  • Artificial horizon information
  • Integrated on board WAAS capable (non TSO) 5Hz GPS receiver with remote antenna
  • Output data over Wi-Fi network (multiple displays can be connected)
  • USB high speed serial port output
  • Operates as WiFi access point
  • No airspeed input required
  • GPS input is compatible with external antenna
  • Input voltage 11-36 volts
  • Power consumption less than 5 watts


The SkyRadar Receiver contains the following major components:

  • UAT (978 MHz) receiver tuned to receive and process ADS-B data
  • 1090 MHz receiver
  • Built-in AHRS module
  • High accuracy GPS module
  • WiFi module transmitting data to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

    The SkyRadar Receiver also comes with:

    • GPS/ADS-B antennas
    • Power cable to plug receiver into your plane's 12 or 28 volt cigarette lighter outlet

    Technical Specifications
    Standard DO-282B
    Frequency 978 MHz + 1090Mhz
    Sensitivity -98 dBm
    Input voltage 11-36 Volts
    Operating temperature -15 to +60 C
    Power consumption 4 Watts

    5 Hz update rate WAAS capable receiver

    Available outputs USB (high speed usb serial port), Wi-Fi
    Dimensions 6.30 X 3.07 X 1.06"


    SkyRadar Receiver package contains:

    1. SkyRadar-DX Dual Band receiver with built-in AHRS module
    2. 2 attachable antennas (978 MHz and 1090 MHz)
    3. GPS
    4. Power cord to plug receiver into cigarette lighter
    5. Startup instructions

    2 remote antennas (978 MHz and 1090 MHz) with 2 4ft or 6ft cables can be purchased separately.