SkyRadar receivers

The SkyRadar ADS-B Receiver is a device that allows general aviation pilots to receive and interpret the FAA's ADS-B broadcasts for a low one time cost.  ADS-B broadcasts give pilots in-flight access to air and ground traffic data (TIS-B) and real-time weather data (FIS-B).

Previously weather information was only available to general aviation pilots via XM WX Aviation Satellite Weather service which requires the purchase of hardware and on going subscription fees of $35 to $100 a month.  Since ADS-B broadcasts are completely free, pilots don't have to worry on going subscription costs.

The SkyRadar ADS-B Receiver is an ADS-B IN device, meaning that it is capable of receiving ADS-B broadcasts from ground stations and other aircraft.  It does not transmit any information about your aircraft's location or heading to ground stations or other aircraft.  Currently, the FAA's ground stations only transmit traffic data when they receive an ADS-B transmission from an aircraft in the area.  Since the SkyRadar ADS-B Receiver does not transmit data it does not "wake up" the ground stations to send traffic data, but it will receive broadcasts once the ground station has been woken up by an ADS-B transmitter in the area.  Weather information is always transmitted by the ground station regardless of whether an ADS-B transmitter equipped aircraft is in the area.

ADS-B data is displayed to the pilot through the easy to use SkyRadar application for the Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.

Due to use of WiFi interface you can have more than one display device sharing the same data stream.


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