SkyRadar Application

SkyRadar Application is aimed to provide a robust assistance to a GA pilot on the ground, during and after the flight. From flight planning to navigation, to real-time weather to one-click-and-scroll charts, to increased traffic awareness and much more, SkyRadar Application makes it all available at GA pilots’ fingertips. With minimal number of clicks or taps and with all basic functions directly accessible, SkyRadar Application provides its assistance in an easy to use fashion without interrupting pilot’s control over the flight.

When the Application is connected to SkyRadar receiver it gains an access to a wealth of information supplied by FAA and it is being offered to the pilot without monthly subscription. This includes weather, database of airports and airspaces, terrain information and much more.


Below is a representative feature list which comes with SkyRadar Application.

Pre-Flight Planning Assistance:

  • One tap "destination" setup
  • Easy to use flight plannerJust enter waypoints or victor airways along your planned route
    • Rearrange waypoints by dragging them in the flight plan list
    • Easy map inspection along the flight route
    • Save and recall saved flight plans
  • A complete database of airports and intersections (stored locally on your device)
    • Airport database updated every 56 days
  • Vector map of airspace: class B, C, D, warning/alert/restricted/military operating areas
    • Airspace database updated every 28 days
  • Access to NEXRAD weather data on the ground


In-Flight Navigation Assistance:

  • Easy to navigate GPS-based moving map with most important navigation information overlaid. SkyRadar Application software displays your GPS location, altitude and heading in real-time.
  • Seamlessly joined together VFR sectional and IFR Enroute Aeronautical Charts (Lows, Highs)
  • Instrument procedures (approach plates) with optional geo-referencing1.
  • One tap away a complete database of airports and intersections stored locally on your device.
  • Vector map of airspace: class B, C, D, warning/alert/restricted/military operating areas
  • Terrain proximity map
    • 90 meter resolution terrain database
    • Color depiction of the terrain proximity (red – alert (less than 500ft), yellow – warning (1000 to 500ft), green – ok (more than 1000ft)
  • Airport information look-up:
    • Public/private
    • Runway name, length, elevation, surface type
    • Frequencies for tower, ground, approach, clearance, weather, runway lights
    • Graphical image of the runway (when available)
    • Airport weather and NOTAM data
  • Instantly determine distance to and time to reach any object on the map
  • Determine bearing by panning map to the object of interest
  • Overlay TIS-B and FIS-B data on the map


Real-time weather information:

  • NEXRAD: local NEXRAD is updated every 5 minutes and CONUS NEXRAD every 15 min.
  • TAF & METAR data for airports
  • PIREPs where available  Winds aloft from reporting points
  • Graphical depiction of TFRs and operational times
  • Status of special use airspace's


Post-Flight Analysis Assistance:

  • Complete flight data with weather information can be recorded and replayed at later time



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1Geo-referenced data provided by Seatlle Avionics and yearly subscription can be purchased here