SkyRadar System Overview

Today, ADS-B ground stations broadcast weather all the time for free. SkyRadar receives this signal, decodes it and displays color coded weather data—METARs, TAFs, NEXRAD, Winds Aloft, PIREPs, NOTAMs—as an overlay on its moving map. This enables the pilot to adjust the flying route accordingly, thus dramatically increasing flight safety while reducing fuel costs.

SkyRadar functionality goes well beyond just providing real-time weather information. It provides GPS location and color-coded terrain proximity tracking. It allows you to look up important airport  and airspace information, create and save flight plans and record and playback flights, just to name a few.  New features are constantly being added to the SkyRadar application.

SkyRadar System is comprised from seamlessly integrated hardware components and software applications - together they deliver to General Aviation pilots most of information needed to prepare, to safely carry out and to analyze their flights:

  • ADS-B receiver (either SkyRadar - 978MHz single band or new SkyRadar-D 978MHz+1090MHz dual band) integrated with WAAS capable GPS
  • SkyRadar’s suite of software applications utilizes its hardware platform to provide a rich feature set making the most vital information available to the pilot mostly via single tap on the screen. The basic SkyRadar feature is its real-time, GPS-based moving map that displays a wide variety of important to pilot details: VOR's, intersections, airport labels, custom waypoints, compass and more.

Tap on any point of interest on the map and SkyRadar brings a detail description of the point. Airport data such as runway information, communication frequencies, and runway lighting control frequencies, just to name a few, are all one click away.

SkyRadar provides in-flight access to subscription-free, real-time aviation weather data, VFR and IFR charts, approach plates and airport and airspace information right in the palm of your hand. Leveraging off of the FAA's newly deployed ADS-B system, our SkyRadar makes this possible.

The SkyRadar software runs on the Apple iPad allowing us to provide a beautiful and easy to use touch interface.  Gone are the days of archaic and difficult to use interfaces.  SkyRadar provides pilots with vital information that allows them to make better flight decisions and as a result, fly with an increased level of safety.

Unlike other weather services that charge a substantial monthly fee for the access to weather information, SkyRadar provides all its information including annual maintenance (system updates and certain upgrades) for a flat $65 annual subscription.

SkyRadar is a complete and affordable aviation tool for general aviation pilots!