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GRT Horizon WS & HS with SkyRadar DX


I am using the SkyRadar DX with my GRT Horizon WS hooked up via RS-232. Running the latest software connected to RS-232 port #2 set to 230400 bps and ADS-B selected. Unit showing weather and traffic same as iPad running WingX pro. Unit has to be hooked up to RS-232 port 1 or 2 only. I had to move air-data box to port five to free up port 2. Port 1 is used by GPS or AIRINC 429 adapter in most cases. Thought I would post and let you guys still using the older GRT displays that the DX works with them.    :)

I use The D2 connected via USB to the GRT HXr. Works well.

I just bought a flying RV-7A with a GRT HX, 2 HS's and SR's D2. The D2 is hooked up to the HX, but I really want to display the info on the HS. The HS requires serial output. Does anyone know if the D2 can be modified easily? I'm going to call SR tomorrow, but thought I'd throw it out there . . .


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