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SkyRadar DX to a iFly 700 FYI


Dennis Rhodes:
 Have been working to set up a SkyRadar DX connection to an older iFly 700.  After talking to Adventure Pilot they sent me a SD card to upgrade my  Operating system to 3.0.x  With that,  now have established  a connection via the USB cable to the iFly.  The ADHARS  also appears on the iFly as a HSI  but not in "range" of  calibration.   I think the DX is not oriented correctly.  The antennas are up and  DX unit's long side  is facing forward. Any comments.?   The iFly software ( not Operating System)  also had to  go to 8.3.41 which actually was released today .   I now can see WX ( on the ground AND  from inside a metal Hanger doors open)   and  commercial traffic.  Not flown to altitude yet for further check out.

Dennis Rhodes:
 Update on the DX connection to the iFly 700:  FYI   The ifly software is now 8.3.41. All features seem to work  on the DX except the ADHARS  to the ifly .  Don't know if that's iFly or Skyradar problem.  Not really interested in this feature for now.  I did install  a UAT external antenna  in place of the rubber ducky on the DX. I used a Delta Pop  blade antenna set up for 978mhz . On the last flight I still experienced the  DX disconnecting with the iFly  a couple times.  This  is rather  inconvenient because you have to  restart the iFly to get it to reconnect.  Skyradar says it iFly and iFly hasn't said yet . If I could get this "disconnec" problem  resolved i would be satisfied with the installation.   DRR

Dennis Rhodes:
 Have flown a number of times with the DX and the iFly 700.  The IFly 700 does not seem to be  acceptable to me  as a platform for the DX.    Even after installing an external UAT antenna the DX will not remain connected to the iFly.  I actually believe the problem is the memory and  processor in the iFly700.  Data is  transferred to and readable on the iFly however after  about 15 minutes  the DX will disconnect with the 700 and  will not reconnect until the 700  nav application is rebooted.  This  yields reasonable Wx data but not up to date traffic. Have up to date software and operating system for the iFly 700.  Would not  recommend this combination.

Dennis Rhodes:
 Gave up on the iFly 700 for any reliable connection to the DX.  Traded up to  the iFly 720 and  eliminated the serial connection wire. The Wifi  works well and   the DX seems to be compatiable  with  the 720 in the portriate mode.  Still using the external UAT antenna.  I do notice that when the DX  loses its  towers the  720  will not reconnect  back to the device until the  NAV program is  restarted.  ie the  DX needs to be up and running when the iFly is  powered up.


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