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Just received my new skyradar that I will use with WingXPro and fired it up in airplane on ground.  Wanted to check a few things.  First, I have WingXPro on iPad 3 and SkyRadar DX only. I powered up fine and showed me big plane traffic on the moving map immediately. All lights blinking appropriately. No weather. 
1)  I understand weather (FIS-B) will show up automatically on iPad WingXPro Moving Map when I'm above the tree line, correct?
2) Will Attitude Indicator on WingXPro work once I am in the air?  I do not have Levil or any other extras.

Thanks, first flight tomorrow hopefully!

I too recently purchased SkyRadar DX and have WingX. I also installed a SkyGuardTWX out. I receive 1090 traffic and 978 weather(once high enough), and attitude. I don't get 978 traffic. I tried using SkyRadar s/w and 978 traffic came alive. E-Mailed WingX, they told me they were looking into it.

I just flew from South Carolina to upstate Pennsylvania and can give some reports. Since there doesn't seem to be much specific info written about these two together, I'll say exactly what I did in case it helps anyone else.
I put the skyradar together and plugged it into the cigarette lighter. Didn't do anything else. Got all three lights doing what they were supposed to do on the skyradar. On WingX pro moving map page I clicked the ADS-B button.Local big planes started showing up right away. Some time after I took off (maybe 2-3 minutes) weather started showing up on the moving map.  I had Wingxpro set on 5 min Nexrad. Little planes never/rarely showed up. I then hit the drop down arrow upper right on moving map page of wingx and chose "external hardware".  This showed green circles for all attributes and usually 4-6 signal towers.
It did not update text weather on the weather txt page on WingXPro.  Not sure if it is supposed to do this or not.
So that's my experience so far.  The receiver did get very hot, however the only time I really relied on it was when I had cloud cover and then it cooled off. I really felt a lot better having it, although I wish it would update the METARS and TAFS.

Oh, one more thing.  i also checked the attitude indicator on WingXPro on the moving map page.  It came up and was moving around like it was alive, but it was a little off, so when the plane was straight and level,  I hit the button at the bottom right that says "cage".  This straightened up the attitude indicator and then it seemed to follow the plane pretty well.  After about two hours I reset it again just to be sure.


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