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Overheating Problems?


I'm getting GPS dropouts from SkyRadar-D with my WingXPro setup.

I think it is due to overheating because the black GPS is sitting on my glareshield and cooking in the sun.  The silver skyradar unit is also very hot and I don't know which of them is causing the problem.  The GPS specs say it will operate at 185DegF and I'm pretty sure the GPS is not that hot (I can touch it with my hand without pain or injury).  Do you know the operating temp of the SkyRadar unit?

Theoretically I could move the skyradar (if I get remote mount antenna cables), but the GPS needs to have a clear view of the sky (why did they paint it black for goodness sakes).

Any suggestions?  --Bob

Okay, I'm convinced this overheating is not the GPS Puck, but the SkyRadar-D unit.  Even though it is silver, it gets extremely hot in the sun.  The unit also generates quite a bit of internal heat.  I have had some success with covering the window over the SkyRadar with a white piece of paper, but even this isn't always sufficient, and I have to shutdown the SkyRadar unit for 10minutes or so for it to cool down.

I'll purchase the remote antennas and get the unit out of the sun to see if it works better.



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