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Use USB and WiFi simultaneously?


I have an earlier "L" model that works great with my iFly 720 via WiFi. I'm thinking about adding a GRT Sport EFIS. Can I connect it to the L via USB and get weather on both the iFly and the EFIS simultaneously?

You should be able to use both interfaces - USB and WiFi simultaneously. Please contact GRT support about specifics of USB connection.

I was wondering if this is also the case for the newer model Sky Radar D and if it can be used both connecting to an EIFS (GRT via USB) and IPAD (via wifi)

Also it is not clear if the power source is a dedicated port, does it have any internal battery and/or charging is via USB port.  As I understand it, GRT does not provide power thru its USB port.

All SkyRadar models transmit data simultaneously over USB and WiFi.
All SkyRadar models have dedicated power connector. USB does not provide enough power to power SkyRadar receivers. We use USB only for data output.


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