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Although I'm aware that SkyRadar sells remote antennas with cables, why can't you just fabricate suitable cables and connectors and re-use the original antennas (as long as you can devise a way to suitably mount them)?

Our remote antennas have slightly higher gain then attachable antenna, that is needed to compensate signal loss in the cable. In addition they are designed to have maximum gain at the specified frequency when attached to plexiglas window. It is small details but they make a difference when you are far away from ground station. You can certainly use original antennas with the cable, and they work fine, our tests show difference in gain is about 1.2-1.5 dBm which is not a big deal but still counts.

Thanks! That's helpful info!
Two more questions:

What type antenna connectors are on the back of the D2, i.e. BNC, SMA, etc?

This may sound picky, but I notice the pictures of the individually-available remote antennas depict black antennas. The set-of-two antennas are two different pastel colors. I'm no interior designer, but I would think 99% of pilots would want the less-conspicuous black antennas! LOL! If you order the set-of-two, can you specify the black antennas?

SkyRadar uses SMA female connectors. Sorry, we don't produce black antennas any more.

I bought a SkyRadar L model (previous to the current L model) and fabricated a male/female SMA extension cable of RG400 approximately 24" long. I remote mounted the receiver under my instrument panel and brought the cable out through a slot for a windshield brace and attached the receiver's antenna to it. Even though the antenna is "laid back" at an angle and roughly parallel to the windshield brace, it works great! I tested it by flying some 360's and even directly away from the closest ground transmitter and it never lost signal. I did, however, position the antenna's hinge so it can be flipped up a bit more vertically if necessary. When the antenna is parallel to the windshield brace, it can't be seen from the pilot's position, so it doesn't interfere with visibility.


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