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978 MHz is used only in USA at the moment, i'm not aware of any other country using 978 or planning to use it. Weather and TFRs/NOTAMs/etc transmitted only on 978 MHz.

1090 MHz is international standard and in USA it is used only for traffic/TCAS/Transponder signals.

Both 978 and 1090 support aircraft-to-aircraft as well as ground up-link. Although ground up-link information on 1090 MHz is limited to TIS-B traffic only.

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I would love to know if you can verify this for certain as I am a ground instructor (U.S.A/FAA) and we're being told that 1090 is going to be 'the standard' for the US airspace system, and 978 is going to be 'the standard' outside the US airspace system.

Essentially I am being told: 1090 is how you are going to receive information from ground stations, such as displaying last minute TFR's, Nexrad, etc. 978 is going to be AIRCRAFT-TO-AIRCRAFT communication for traffic awareness outside the U.S. where ground station 1090 won't be available.

Please correct me if I am misunderstanding this, as the FSDO's don't seem to have a lot of answers.......

ryan from techpilotz

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