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Does a subscription of your software on the iPad allow you to also use the iPhone, or are they totally separate?  For instance, if I subscribe my iPad, will I automatically have be able to load maps on my iPhone?

Additional Subscription information request, if I may piggy-back on the same topic:

Does SkyRadar require a subscription when the device is used to provide the WingXPro app FIS-B information?

No additional subscription is required to use it on iPhone - a single subscription covers up to 5 devices (any combination of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touches). Please keep in mind that iPhone/iPod version does not support charts, but you can still use it for ADS-B weather.

Regarding WingX question, no subscription for SkyRadar application is required if a pilot intends to use SkyRadar receivers with WingX (only active WingX subscription).

I have only 4 devices (3 ipads and 1 iphone) yet the program says I have 5 devices registered and won't allow me to open the program on one of my ipads.

How do I "de-register" a device I no longer use and how do I see what devices are on my account?


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