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Compatability with Garmin Area 796?


I recently purchased a Garmin Aera 796 because it had weather capability.  Now, I find that a subscription to XM weather is too expensive for my occasional need.  Are you or will you be adding the Garmin 796 to be able to display ADS weather using one of your receivers?
Larry Wheelock

Forum Administrator:
We certainly would like to interface to as many devices as possible, unfortunately Garmin does not publish interfaces for it's 796 device.


Thank you for your prompt reply. 
I guess those of us that have bought these recent Garmin devices need to complain to Garmin about providing the means to interface ADS receivers to get weather and traffic.
There is an interface cable available to interface my Zaon PCX traffic detector, but I have not purchased it yet.
Keep trying on the Garmins.  Many of us old guys are happy with email and do not need Ipads and I pods. 
Larry Wheelock


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