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Title: Weather animation?
Post by: Cgmdv on April 18, 2014, 01:21:24 PM
Just installed the SkyRadar DX  in my RV-10. I opted to make a permanent installation with two transponder antennas in the belly of the airplane. It is connected via USB to my GRT HX EFIS and with only 30 minutes of flight time so far it seems to be showing traffic very well.

Yesterday (April 17th.) there was no weather anywhere near south western Ontario (CYKF) 80DME on R300 for BUF VOR so I couldn't really check out the weather functionality.

Since I am in Canada were we don't have any ADS-b system yet I will assume that since I was able to pick up traffic that I will also be able to see weather.

My question to this group is, how far north of the US border can I expect to receive ADS-b traffic and weather? My other question is does the weather have a looping or animation function available?


Ivan Kristensen