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Title: Display differences
Post by: ssteve1 on June 25, 2013, 04:34:49 AM
My Skyradar displays weather on three different screens, GRT EFIS, ifly 720, and ipad.  Most of the time, there are discrepencies in the three images.  Is this the way each display does the math or is there some other reason? Also, what are the displays really telling me, ie., is one showing weather at altitude and another weather on the ground??
Title: Re: Display differences
Post by: SkyRADARSupport on June 25, 2013, 06:10:53 AM
Most likely you see different pictures due to different options enabled as well as difference in processing.
For example there are 2 NEXRAD products available - CONUS and local, they have different resolution as well as different assembly time. The way software blends these two images (if it does blending) can make a difference. That said, you should not see very noticeable difference in pictures, if you do then something is wrong with processing in one of your devices. There is also factor that GRT has wired connection compared to iPad's wireless connection, there can be some loss of data on wireless link due to various factors (we found that most significant is interference from cellular radio in iPad), that may lead to slightly different images between wired and wireless device for short period, until re-transmission happens (usually 2.5 minutes)

As to what specific display showing you - you should consult with specific display manual about settings and representation of the weather on that particular display.
Title: Re: Display differences
Post by: Bavafa on January 20, 2014, 11:30:11 AM
On the subject of display differences, I see many traffic on my GRT screen that I do not see on the Wing X.  I talked to WingX people and they said they will display all the FIS-B that they receive and had not seen any issues with that.  Just wondering if there is any report of conflict between what traffic is sent via the USB port and WIFI.  I am connected to SKYRADAR via USB port from GRT and WIFI to the IPAD.
Title: Re: Display differences
Post by: SkyRADARSupport on January 20, 2014, 06:16:54 PM
There should be no conflict of any sort. Exactly the same data being pushed out on USB and WiFi interface. You may have bad WiFi connection and have some lost data packets, but i doubt it since data being refreshed quite often. Most likely some filtering option in software is turned on. You can also try our own SkyRadar app to verify what traffic is displayed (just don't forget to turn off altitude filter in settings page)